Red Bull 'Waldgeflüster' party

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Red Bull 'Waldgeflüster' party

The brief:

Conceptualisation and implementation of the events for the introduction of the Red Bull Winter Edition.

The implementation:

To present Red Bull’s Winter Edition in such a way as to ensure the story surrounding the product is as memorable as the flavour.
The simple solution was to stage a wonderfully atmospheric winter evening, allowing guests to experience the enchantment of a winter fairy-tale at Austria’s largest foods, beverages, restaurant and catering fair.
In addition, we found an idyllic spot in the middle of a forest and erected a large log cabin, decked it out in wintery fayre, and spoiled the invited guests with some very exquisite cuisine. There were also some great atmospheric side events: The famous Austrian singer, DJ Ötzi, sang ‘Schlager’ songs popular in alpine ski resorts. Gregor Bloeb, a well-known actor, read winter stories, and a special DJ made sure the guests were in the right mood. All of this infused the 2016 Winter Edition with life and emotion under the ‘Waldgeflüster’ banner.

The result:

  • Several 10,000 touchpoints on social media
  • 400 thrilled elite chefs & 1000s of pre-orders for the new winter edition
  • Winter edition sold out
  • ClientRed Bull
  • LocationAustria
  • Date2016
  • SkillsBrand Strategy, Creative Conception, Graphic Design, Consulting