Red Bull VIP eventfor the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix

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Red Bull VIP event for the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix

The brief:

  • Creation of THE VIP event at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring.
  • The Red Bull family invites guests to enjoy a very exclusive evening.

The implementation:

Bulls & Pumpkins. This was the name for the event organised for the VIP guests in a large, rustic old barn in the heart of the countryside, just a stonesthrow away from the Formula 1 race circuit in Spielberg.
Once a year the entire barn is completely refitted to accommodate an event to which Red Bull invites its VIP guests to enjoy a special Styrian theme evening ahead of the Grand Prix.
Pumpkin seed oil instead of sushi, Styrian ‘Volksmusik’ instead of pop. Guaranteed to excite guests who aren’t so easy to surprise.

The result:

Although it’s hard to believe they could still be caught off guard, numerous VIP guests, like Bernie Ecclestone, Sebastian Vettel and Gerhard Berger, enjoyed a thrilling and intriguing evening.

  • ClientRed Bull
  • LocationAustria
  • Date2016
  • SkillsBrand Strategy, Creative Conception, Graphic Design, Consulting